Friday, May 29, 2009

Indian River Gheenoe Trip 05/27/09

Took The Gina out with my buddy Rigo near Ft Pierce, launching at about 7am after a stop at the Snook Nook for live shrimp, they have the best livies, stayed frisky till we got off the water at 2pm!

We started out fishing the causeway and almost immediately Rigo hooks up with something substantial that I backed away from the pilings, unfortunately Rigo got a little overzealous and palmed the drag too hard so the fish broke off...we were wondering what the hell it was the rest of the day.

We fished the flats for a bit with a few dinky trout to show for it before moving on to the real quarry: Tripletail. Managed to put Rigo on his first of two different fish, its always cool to wittness those events unfold and recall your own experiences at the same time.

We did pretty well, managed to catch a mixed bag of sheepshead, 3 nice sized tripletail (including a double hook-up!), and various short muttons, grays, and lane snapper. All in all a great day on the water and I only burned $8 in gas while covering nearly 20 miles, pretty friggin sweet, off the water by 2pm right before the rain came down in true SoFla fashion.

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