Friday, May 29, 2009

Ding Darling 05/23/09

No rain all day, man I love that Sanibel "bubble", seems to swing the rain clouds just off that island, everytime.

We fished all over, went into Pine Island Sound and caught alot of nice-sized trout on topwaters and jigs, I was tossing a mirro-mullet when everyone got into to the bite and did pretty well as the water had a little chop to it.

The fishing wasn't as good as I had hoped, it may have been all the freshwater instrusion from all this rain we've been having...the bite would have been better in Flamingo but the winds and more importantly the thunderstorms wouldn't have allowed us to fish very long.
We got off the water around 3pm, trout all day long, nothing else, not even ladyfish, pretty strange for Ding Darling I felt, usually I at least get a redfish or some small was a spec-filled day.

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