Thursday, May 14, 2009

Magical Mingo 05/14/09

I had a 9am report time in Flamingo for a little volunteer work and so I decided to get there early and do some fishing. I got to the marina at 5am but was greeted by a bit of wind out of the East, around 10-15mph. I was tired as hell from waking up early all of this week so I said "screw it, going to sleep" and passed out in th truck with my alarm set for 8:45. I was jolted out of my sleep after about 30 minutes, don' know why but I was wide awake now for no reason...time to fish.

I hit the water a little after 6am and paddled into the wind towards Christian Point. The wind wasn't fun but I fought through it to a nice flat that offered a bit of protection and casted out the skitterwalk. First cast comes walking in and is engulfed by I-don't-know-what, it hugged bottom and ran. I fought this creature for 15-20 minutes before getting a good look at it but I thought it was a small shark or a big bull red from the way it was running. It starts taking me into the mangroves so I had to take the chance and palm the drag hard to bring her head out, thank god the line held.

She went way over my 36'' measuring board, she looked to go another 5''-7'' over the board but she was seriously fat and very heavy, I would have to say at or near 30lbs, easy.
So After that debacle I tossed the skitterwalk back out and instantly hooked up with a nice snook, and then another, and another and so on...I ended up going 6 for 8 on snook before moving on to another spot.

At the next spot the skitterwalk started getting blown up without a connection, again and again, finally I made contact and after a tussle I brought in a nice red, then another, and another, and so on, 13 from one spot alone, 3 on topwater and the rest on a rootbeer DOA cal as they started to get finicky with the skitterwalk.I caught the last red at 8:30 and rode the wind back into the marina ready for work.

What a morning, wasn't going to go out but I'm sure glad I did. Had a great day working in the park and even the bugs were mild today, it was a good day.

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