Friday, May 29, 2009

Flamingo Quickie and a little pier fishin' 05/28/09

This morning the snook took me to school... tarpon too.
I paddled out of Flamingo marina at around 6:50am, heading into the SW winds and drifting the shoreline towards Christian point. My first cast lands a hefty jack that straightened out one of the hooks on my skitterwalk :cuss: And like an idiot I left my other skitterwalk sitting in the truck, useless.

Nevertheless I proceeded to lose snook after snook for the next hour or so, I was amazed at the sheer concentration of snook on the shorelines, I was getting 5 hits a cast in some spots...a lot of missed connections and pulled hooks, I think I was off my game but will blame that straightened hook for the record. I landed about a dozen small to mid-sized snook and then a monster slob engulfed my lure...he jumped twice before shredding through the 30lb leader, looked to be a big girl in the upper 30 inch range.

So now I had no big topwaters left, the mirromullet wouldn't swim right in the chop and neither would the top dog...but the trusty chug bug worked pretty damn well in a pinch and boated a few more snook before starting to drift back towards the ramp. I finished up the morning by jumping two tarpon near the marina; one jumped off first time up, the second I leadered but lost at the side of the boat, both probably around 15-20lbs. I must say the snook really seem to be active down in mingo, and that wind combined with the overcast skies made the topwater bite last till I had to get going at around 9:30.

I really do love those mornings, hope they last through this hot summer…now if only the bonefish would hit like that. I also made a quick stop a little spot I know off near home for a quick shore-bound session now that my little yellowtailed friends are back for the summer:
not bad for the cost of a dozen shrimp, not bad at all.


Joshua said...

Where is this flamingo harbor? Looks like the fishing there is pretty good.

I live in Fort Myers and just got my kayak about 3 weeks ago. So far Estero Bay is my favorite but tomorrow im going to ding darling.

Do you own a fishing shop?


Kayak Rolando said...

Flamingo is the little outpost at the end of Ingraham Highway in Everglades National Park and it is some of the best shallow water fishing in the world.

Estero is a great fishery and if you can master it you can master anywhere as its very tidal and fishing there requires a keen observatory nature to be truly productive, more power to you as I have never done well there, to far to fish often for me.

I work for a kayak shop in Dania Beach - Kayak Jeff, if you are ever on the East coast stop on by!