Friday, June 5, 2009

First week of June and Flamingo 06/04/09

Monday Morning

Tuesday Morning Dania Beach Snookin'

Wednesday with a buddy @ the pier, Dania that is

Flamingo Florida - Paradise, with bugs

I've been moving at very high speeds for the last few days, moving really took it out of me and since then I've been cramming as much cleaning and upkeep as possible into my days.

So with all the work/fishing last week I wasn't expecting to make it out to Flamingo on Thursday but last minute I called my buddy Matt and we met at Flamingo at 5:15am.

The mosquitos were pretty intense in the marina, they followed us around for an hour or so before slowly disapating, we weren't catching anything but ladyfish until then anyway. When we made it to Christian point we were greeted by snook roving the shorelines, my skitterwalk was hit by a small snook, Matt's topwater was engulfed by a much larger snook that broke him off on the first jump. There were Tarpon about as well and Matt jumped one, I jumped two, landing one for a few pics.

We caught nothing but lady's for the next hour and at slack low tide we started drifting over the grassflats on the way back to the marina...they were loaded with reds, friggin reds everywhere! The were incredibly spooky in that thick grass, I got a shot at 4 tailers and Matt had a few attempts as takers. We were just staked out with reds all around us, talk about frustration. I was off the water by 9:45, Tom was a litte late getting to work so I fished from shore where I could, landed a little snook and a small goliath, pretty cool way to kill some time.

Working on the trail today was particularly tough, the bug suits were a must as the mosquitos are back in full form...they are our constant company and so were the sankes! I counted 10 pygmy rattlers on the way out from Bear Lake, I also shoo'ed a large cottonmouth off the road after almost running over the thing. Another great day in the park, all 17 hours of it, got home at 10:15pm after leaving my wife sleeping that morning at 3am.

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