Friday, June 19, 2009

Flamingo 06/18/09

White mangrove at the trailhead magic
Bear Lake
Yesterday was hot...I feel like I'm still sweating. Me and David (Perch) hit the water a little before 5:30, we played with the little tarpon outside the marina for a bit, they were crashing the skitterwalks but rarely connecting with it. Had to help David removed a treble from his finger early on in the morning, sorry you had to start your day like that David, I felt your pain.

There were reds cruising the flats on the way to Christian point but they weren't hitting anything, out in Snake Bight the reds were just as spooky but I managed to fool one into hitting my rootbeer DOA Cal. I also got a snook off that same flat before starting to drift back towards the launch.

Daivd stuck it out and I left him fishing Joe Kemp as I searching for reds on the flats. I saw bait jumping near the West end of Joe Kemp and tossed the skitterwalk to what turned out to be another snook. Near the marina I lost another snook on the skitterwalk and jumped two little tarpon on the Cal before calling it a day...too damn hot to be on the water.

I wish I had more days off, I'd really like to spend 2 weeks at Flamingo and fish every possible tide to see where the fish are holding. There are lots of big big big snook hanging around Florida Bay right now and the reds seem to be out on the flats every day...if you can get past the bugs it really is fishing paradise down there. I think next time around I may fish West Lake, I stopped at the launch on the way out and saw a ton of action on the water and lots of little tarpon rolling around. I think the rains have finally cleared all the sludge out of Cuthbert and the Lungs so now the passage down to Garfield Bight may be the fish (and tide) can flow in and out.
The work on the trail was tough, we had a new deadfall right at the launch itself, took us an hour to clear that before we could paddle on down to the planned work. We saw a huge crocodile in the canal as well and I was "bumped" by a small gator as well.
The next day I awoke feeling pretty sore but thought nothing of it, went to work, had to move a heavy desk and as I was lifting it I felt a pop in my oh man, I've never felt pain like that in my life, dropped me like a ton of bricks and I've been laid out all day at home. I doubt I'll be able to help out next week and that really upsets me, but in order to be of some use for the rest of the summer I must rest the saying goes: A good soldier knows when to sleep.

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Brian Travis said...

Back injuries suck! Sorry to hear you experienced one!

Ice your back for a few minutes at a time for the first 24 hours after the injury, Rolando! After 24 hours, alternate ice and heat for a few minutes at a time. Use some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever and see a doctor if you have any numbness or tingling in your legs or extremities or if pain persists longer than a couple of days!

By the way, nice report! One of these days I'm going to give Flamingo a try!