Friday, June 12, 2009

Flamingo 06/11/09

Man the skeeters were bad! I met Perch at the marina a little before 05:30 and we were hoppin' around getting our gear together with the swamp angels singing around us till we launched.

Our first spot was the best for us throughout the morning, I boated 3 decent snook and one slot sized fish, losing a couple (the curse of topwater) to pulled hooks, David got a couple of nice snook on the skitterwalk as well.

We made our way over to Christian Point to find a red hot ladyfish and jack bite, there were tarpon rolling but it was impossible to get a bait past the ladyfish. One of the big pilchards rolled next to me and like the amoeba that I am (stimulus = response, tarpon rolls = cast) I pitched a gulp shrimp at it tied to 30lb leader on my stradic 2500...of course it inhaled it.

So now I have this 80-100lb tarpon clearing the water in front of me, peeling line, and towing me in circles around snake bight channel...I knew I wasn't going to land this thing but yet I gave it my all, for what felt like hours, probably about 30 minutes before I got overzealous and palmed the drag a bit too hard...friggin tarpon. Perch got some video so I will post it up when I can get my hands on it.

That was pretty much it for me that morning and I think David too, great fishing with you btw (see you out there next thursday...with bigger rods), I made a mental note to bring my tarpon rig (which will ensure that I won't see any more tarpon) to Flamingo next time so I can devote my morning to catching one of the truly large ones from my fish makes a fool out of me!

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