Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chokoloskee with Gina and Gina 05/07/09

My wife took the day off and came down with me to chokoloskee to finally see the 10K Islands...she refused to come paddling with me for years so now with the Gheenoe she had no excuse!
We left ODR at 8am, later than I'd liked but the Alley was closed and I had to take Tamiami. We hit the oyster bars in the bay at nearly dead low tide, nothing but catfish. I ran into a dozen or so Trout in Rabbit Key Pass with a few decent ones thrown in, nothing huge though.

We fished the flats near Rabbit Key with nothing but catfish to show for it, oh yes, and one tiny gag.

I brought the grill in the boat so we landed on Rabbit Key and cooked lunch, met some paddlers who had been out for a few days, gave them a couple of beers and few smokes and they told me I was sent from heaven...I just know the feeling: 7-day paddling trip, beer runs out on the first night, smokes soon to follow...those beers sure tasted sweet I'm sure.
Before taking off I saw that skinny lone shadow of a snook off the beach but didn't have anything with me to throw at it, so I threw a plain chartuese jighead, ripped it fast past his head and sure enough he smacked it, only snook of the day.
We headed back on the last part of the incoming, fished the same spots and caught more trout and catfish. Not the best day fishing on the water but a great since my wife could finally come out and enjoy the day with me.
all fish, besides the snook, were caught on jigs tipped with live shrimp.

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