Friday, April 17, 2009

Convoy Point Slob 04/16/09


Hit Convoy for an hour on the way to work today, went looking for bonefish so I had the peekaboo and my wife's stand-up paddle, two rods with 20lb leader, thats it.

I paddle/poled across to the spoil islands and blind casted while scanning for those elusive grey ghosts. Near the canal I was working the really shallow stuff against the shoreline when I spotted a black shadow near the point. I joked to myself "thats a monster snook" and pitched a line near it, I was 100% sure it was a snook-shaped log on account of the size...I was shocked when the snook log came to life and engulfed my 1/16th oz jighead tied to my 20lb leader!

So the snook cleared the water at least 3 times before settling into long runs, taking me into the canal and towards the rocks across the channel. I was afraid to put too much pressure on the fish so I just held on and went for the ride. Fighting the fish from the standing position was definately an advantage as I was able to better anticipate any turns the fish was making and could adjust my angle accordingly.

So after about 15 heart-stopping minutes I get her to the boat, heave her up over the side and let out a wookie-like yell I'm glad no one was around to hear. My measuring board was in the truck and I wanted her back in the water fast on account of working her for so long. I laid her across the deck of the peekaboo (35'' wide) and even without her laying straight she still went a good 2''-3'' over on each side. My best guess is somewhere between 41''-43'', she was fat as hell and a good guess on weight is somewhere between 22-25lbs, my biggest yet to date!

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