Friday, December 26, 2008

Short Key Christmas 12/25/08

Me and the wife decided to go check out Short Key, near Card Sound, on Christmas. We packed a lunch, some Wine, the chairs and headed out of South Dade marina around 9am.

It was blowing alot more than the projected 10knots but we took the sheltered route through the little mangrove tunnels and lagoons so it wasn't too bad...till we hit the cut out to Card Sound, it was breaking around 2'-4' just on shore. I was amazed that Gina took it so well (guess I've "chopped" her out finally), we landed and ate lunch on Short Key.

After a short nap we packed up and decided to take a more direct route through Lewis Cut, circumnavigating 3 of the 5 little lagoons on the way back. The wind was at our backs and we made the paddle back in half the time. I managed to run into quite a few decent-sized trout in Manatee Bay and some little snook in the channels leading into the backcountry. They were hitting the clear/holographic DOA shrimp and DOA Cal white/holographic, a bunch of little jacks too, including one I thought was a huge snook till I saw his flash after a five minute tussle in a tight mangrove creek.

We made it back around 4pm and set off for home...I got my present when I got home: Pentax w60, I've been messing with it all day and I can't wait to get it out somewhere there are pictures worth taking...wish I had it yesterday morning after reading the instruction booklet, it has some pretty cool features.

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