Wednesday, December 31, 2008

North Biscayne as always 12/31/08

So I ended having to work West coast for me, at least till next week anway. In order to lift my spirits I decided to hit North Biscayne for an bit before work and I'm glad I did.
The trout were all stacked up in the same place they've been for a week or so, moving it seems in 50yd increments across the grass flats in North Biscayne Bay between 79th street and the Julia Tuttle Causeway. An early morning incoming tide has the best bite and today I hit the water around mid-tide at 6:50am.
It took a few strikes before the trout started really connecting with the bone spook jr but it was fun to watch. Nothing big again today, I think the largest was 17'' today, most were around 14''-15'' but fun on light tackle.
The DOA shrimp came after I was tried of missed connections and I staked out behind an island in the lee of the current, casting the shrimp upcurrent and letting it drift down towards me usually ended up with a trout, sometimes a stinky cuda.

I fished till around 8:40, and then high-tailed it back to broward and to work, content with the smell of fish lingering just slightly. Happy New Years to all, see you guys next year.

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