Monday, October 6, 2008

Rabbit Key with the Family 11/18/07

My Sister is visiting from back home so i rented a tandem for her and my father in glade havens and we set out around 8am from Chokoloskee bound for Rabbit Key. I brought my gear along to be prepared to cast at anything i saw in my path, wasn't seriously fishing, more of a paddling day but in Choko its hard to refrain. When we got to Rabbit key my sister and father landed and i went to check out a grassflat near the island, first cast with my trusty rootbeer gulp shrimp - 25 inch trout, as i was unhooking him he squirmed and i lost him, he flipped around the kayak with me frantically trying to grab my dinner only to plop right back in the water with me nearly rolling in a vain attempt to grab him in the water. 2nd cast, 16 inch trout, let him go, wanted another nice sized trout but unfortunately all i managed was a dozen or more hookups with ladyfish. I waded around the shore of Rabbit Key and produced a few slot reds, interesting coloration and almost identical spots on all of them, silver except for the blue on the tail. We headed back around 3pm, followed some dolphins around Chokoloskee Bay for a while, then i introduced my sister to those wings @ the seafood depot in Everglades City...all in all a great day with the family and the fish.

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