Monday, October 6, 2008

Islamorada bridge fishing 12-01-07

I'm one of those people who rides around with at least 2 fishing rods at all times; a plug pole and a heavier spinning outfit...and my shrimp shak (my woman tells me its a problem) just incase i get time during the day to wet the line. I was working all this weekend and did not think i'd have the chance but on saturday i finished work much earlier than expected and so me and my fiance headed on down to Islamorada and fished the first bridge, my first time fishing from a bridge in years and years. Using live shrimp we had pretty much non-stop action through-out the whole afternoon. Mostly undersized yellowtails, muttons, and the ever-present jack crevalle but we did manage a just-barely keeper mutton, a little flag, and the biggest lanes i've ever caught, averaging about 10-12 inches each. In Ft lauderdale i can't even catch the 8 inchers', had some key lime pie on the way home, gotta love the keys

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