Monday, October 6, 2008

Rabbit Key Pass 01/15/08

It was cold...i had sweat pants on for a good part of the morning...
the marina was not open when we arrived @ 6am, we slept for an
hour in the truck questioning whether it was worth it to go fish when the fish may
very well be frozen. We launched at 7:15 and fished the mouth of the turner
river, Ken got a nice trout, the only keeper for the whole day, i long range
released a few ladies and we headed out to rabbit key pass at around 10am, we
took our time and fished points and channels along the way with terror eyez, doa
shrimp, and gulp shrimp and produced nothing but ladyfish and a few small jacks.
Rabbit Key was no better but by this time the sun had warmed the water and we
managed a nice back to back Snook near Turtle Key. Kens was on Gulp Shrimp,
mine on a rootbeer terror eyez, i said i was going fishing no matter what, glad i

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