Monday, October 6, 2008

North Biscayne Bay - hook removal and nice snook- 02/09/08

Me and my buddy rick met Matt down at morningside park this morning around 10:00am hoping for trout, we fished the rapidly slacking tide with a few cudas to
show for it. Made our way along the bay fishing islands and channels when my mirrodine gets rocked by a snook, a huge snook (for me anyway), he towed me around for 10 minutes before i could get him to the boat with 2 heartstopping jumps thrown in for good measure and when i finally reached for him he gave out one last shake that firmly sunk the trebles into my point finger...I was so amped about landing this fish i ripped out the hook so i could firmly grasp this fish...i gave a quick measure on the FS sticker on the side of my kayak and it
went just over the length of the sticker itself (36")...Lefty came a got a reading on the Boga at 13.5lbs or so, my best snook thus far, never had anything rip line out
of my calcutta like that...awesome. The fish swam away strong and we fished the rest of that bay with nothing to show for it but cudas, we were off the water by 2pm.

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