Monday, July 27, 2009

Festivals and mountains

So Paleo ended up being much cooler than I thought it would be and as always in life it seems the best was encountered while wandering off the beaten path. There was this group, which for the life of me I can't remember the name, regardless, they rocked: Trumpet, Piano, Tabla, and Indian Vocals...very interesting. The piano player was an indian version of Thelonius Monk, beautiful accents and voicing, but enough of that. Great festival, great food, and cheap beer! Cheap Good Beer! Thats an oxymoron in itself but the Hoegaarden's flowed that night.

The next day we took a leisurely drive into the mountains near Gstaad. Any direction you look is a postcard, without exception. We took Shannon's dogs with us and it was quite picturesque: dogs frolicking with mountains in the background, the mountains change color as the sun gets lower in the sky so even though you remain in the same place the scenery changes.

We slept at Shannon's apartment in Gstaad and ate at a place where they specialize in, that was some good rosti, who knew bacon and pears go so well together? Anyway, enough of my stupid rambling, pictures are better, enjoy

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