Saturday, April 11, 2009

West Lake Full Moon Snookin' 04/10/09

Friggin' West Lake! That dead-zone stench hole excuse for lake actually produced some nice fish for once! I finally figured out where those stupid snook are hiding and the chances are elevated on the full moon at night so now I have a good spot to night-fish come summer time! I brought Bob Stolzberg with me, he's a fella from St Louis and he's going out on a full day charter with me and another guy on sunday down Choko way.

Bob sounded like he needed to get away when I talked to him so I told him I'd bring a kayak for him if he wanted to join me fishing in West Lake, I wouldn't charge anyone to fish West Lake as I told him I'd be surprized if we got anything good.

Sure enough Bob hooked up with nice snook, first snook too! The big grin says it all. I managed a few nice snook before we had to pack it up, all in all a great night. All fish were caught on Carbonated Glow DOA shrimp...that mad scientist Mark Nichols never seems to fail me.

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