Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning Slob 04/06/09

Hit North Biscayne Bay early this mornng, started off pretty nice with an overslot snook! I was casting at what I thought were baby tarpon rolling when the glow gulp shrimp I was using got rocked. I thought she was a huge jack since she stayed down and peeled line like crazy. Almost flipped my kayak during the fight as she pulled me into the mangroves at one point and I was leaning out of the kayak as far as I could to keep the line out of the myriad of snags along that was the closest I've ever come to flipping a boat and I had wet butt the rest of the morning as a result, which was fine by me.

After that debacle we fished the flats for trout but got nothing but a few dinks and some cudas, Lefty had a fairly good-sized cuda on before we called it a day around 9am.

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