Friday, March 20, 2009

Been computer lazy lately...

Ever since I returned from my nine day odessy into the deep Everglades backcountry I found myself having trouble with basic tasks involving technology...computers especially. I will eventually put a trip report up here but for now the pictures lie in wait. I am also hoping Flex will have "processed" some of his pictures so that I can put some of those up or links to his work, he did get some incredible shots out there.

Since I've returned there has been alot of fishing, its been very windy as of late, spring is here and the rains have begun to peak their heads above the horizon...soon the mosquitos will rule me in the mornings, not looking forward to that at all.

So with the wind blowing 20-25knots on my days off I have been fishing the Loxahatchee alot, I'm not complaining, the snook have been getting bigger and the bass as well but soon the warm weather will push those snook back out towards Jupiter Inlet and the beach snookin' season shall begin!

Instead of relating the many outings here are some pictures from the trips I did in March, lots of paddleboard shots too as now my wife can join me out on the water...pretty cool.

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