Monday, February 9, 2009

The Loxahatchee Revisted

So the front hit on my days off as usual and not to be beaten by the weather gods I decided to drag Lefty out to the Loxahatchee with me. I figured he'd never been there and last week I only paddled up to the first dam and turned around.
It was cold when we hit the water at 7:30am, oddly enough the fish were biting. We paddled upstream into the loxahatchee canal and casting the tiny gold rapala I was catching feisty little bluegills left and right, the occasional bass broke the cycle.

We paddled back downstream and into the river down past the first and second dams and past I-95. The water level was so low it was a completely new experience; I'd never seen the banks of the Loxahatchee before or the bottom for that matter, very picturesque.

On the way back the sun was warming up the sky and the bite really switched on, we found the snook on the return journey and in a 50yd stretch of river I got 16 to the boat, yep 16: Swordspine and common snook, with one of the common snook at nearly 20'' and what a fight on a 4lb test rod! With the drag and me screaming as the little 3lb snook made for the snags along the bottom...I got him though.

We lost track of time the fishing was so good, making it back to the launch around 4:30pm after a long yet satisfying day of catching. I have no idea how many bluegills and bass we caught, I caught one last snook near the put in before calling it a day. Definitely found me a new windy/cold day spot.

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