Monday, January 12, 2009

South Biscayne Lately...

Been spending more time further south in Biscayne, I usually avoid the area as its simply just too vast to properly fish with a kayak. Sure you may have a great day and really be on the fish sometimes but without the ability to haul ass over to the oceanside flats you lose the ability to truly spend all day fishing for bonefish or permit, stupid permit.

I'm getting sick of chasing these snobby flats fish around, I finally see a big school the other day but I was on a charter so I had to have the cilent take a shot at them. He casted behind them and hooked up...with a jack, the little bastard came in a grabbed from the bonefish, go figure.

It's been nice paddling different areas for a change but I will always prefer the "trout factory" of North Biscayne to the Bonefish/permit tease that is South Biscayne.

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