Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keewadin 12/17-18/08

Launched from Shell Island Road near Marco around 7am, the backcountry was poppin' with ladyfish and Jacks so I didn't stick around long. On the way out I ran into a school of trout in Hurricane Pass, they ripped my last black DOA cal to shreds.
I got to Keewadin around noon and tried to catch some luck, no mullet, no ladyfish, managed to lose a little snook but thats it. I decided to ride the last half of the tide in to where I was catching ladyfish earlier, managed to work it out pretty well and caught slack tide on the way back out to the beach.

I deployed the shark rig around 5pm, it sat for 5 hours without a nibble, I caught a bluefish and set him out...nothing. I caught a couple of little snook before passing out on the beach under the woken up at around 3am by the chill wind.
I left the beach around 10am and fished some points with a few tiny snook to show for it. Parked on a flat near Rookery Bay and caught some larger snook around 20'' and thats it, besides the usual throng of ladyfish and jacks. Hopefully I can get to Choko this week and find that damn redfish.

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