Monday, October 6, 2008

Return to our island, Florida Bay 07/16-17/08

We set out at around noon and took our time getting there, checked out johnson key(site of a future chickee in Florida Bay!), fished some markers on the way out with some snappers and trout but no tripletail.

We started drinking on the way out and by the time we got to our island we were nicely sauced and did not really notice how bad the bugs were, it was still light out around 7:30pm.
We set-up camp and kept drinking, all the while smacking at what we thought were gnats, we caught some reds and sharks, small snook, and tons of ladyfish (shark bait)...the wind died around midnight and then the bugs went crazy. We tried to take it, we hid in our tents but the stifling heat was too much to take so we had a conference from inside our tents on what to do...four drunk idiots yelling at each other from inside their tents, this is what we decided: Drink to you can't feel anything...and we did.

I got up in the early morning with a nice breeze and tailing redfish around the key, i made a few casts, landed a few reds and then we set off to flamingo.

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