Monday, October 6, 2008

North Biscayne Bay Trout Maddness - 03/12/08

It was one of those days at morningside today, i managed to seek out of work early and make it down to morningside by 4:30 and the tide was moving nicely with the wind just at 10 knots, beautiful.

Couple of casts with the rootbeer terroreyez and i started landing trout after trout, mostly 14-16 inchers but as the tide starting moving out more i drifted over a little patch of flat that was bubbling with specs, nice sized ones too and i limited out with 4 nice trout by 6:30 and i paddled back to the launch.

I loaded the fish in my cooler in my truck and then thought "what a crime to leave the biting like that" especially when its just a 5 minute paddle back into the fray. So i made my way back and caught and released at least a dozen more trout around 15-18 topped off by the biggest of the day right next to the launch, a nice 21' but fat, most likely a female ready spawn so i quickly landed and took a pic and she went back to lay her eggs.

got off the water @ 7:15 and I just finished polishing off some a few heady ales and beer-battered trout, i'm going to sleep deeply and contently tonight. The bite is hot and i'm sure with the nice temp it will be again tomorrow and the winds are supposed to be nice, tight lines.

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