Monday, October 6, 2008

Keewadin Island 06/11-12/08

We launched from shell island road at around 7am, later than originally planned of course...
There was no wind in rookery bay and so the mosquitos followed us everywhere, we headed out for hurricane pass instead of poking around the bay to avoid the bugs.

Hurricane pass was filled, literally stacked, with bait and snook. There were little conglomerations of snook everywhere, in groups of 3 or as many as 30, cruising the shores of the pass and Keewadin itself.

They were all little and wouldn't touch a thing we threw at them, the water was ultra-clear and not helping the situation. With no luck from the boats we settled in, ate, enjoyed a adult beverage or two and had a nap (a finer way of saying we got drunk n' passed out).

I got up at some point and took ricks boat out for a spin, the sun was blazing so i didn't stay out long, got a trout at 19'' though, only fish from the kayak the whole trip...then i made dinner and passed out again, sun takes it out of you. We started fishing around 6 or 7, i don't really remember but it was non-stop catchin' for a while. At first we were catching trout left and right, 18-21'' mostly, with a few little snook thrown in. In the half hour before the sun set the snook went nuts, we estimated we got 40-50 snooklets that night between the both of us, most in that 30-45 minute window before dark.

We fished until about 9pm, the bite completely died around then and we ran out of beer, with the fuel source cut-off we slowly grinded to a halt and fell asleep, stinking of fish and contentment.

The next morning i fished for a bit and got a few more snook the sun came up, nothing big again... at eight we booked it to shell island and made the 5 mile paddle in a little over an hour, home by 11:30am and now i'm going to help my mother in law move her condo...sleep is for the weak.

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