Monday, October 6, 2008

Ding Darling/North Biscayne 05/21-22/08

Finally! two days off in a row, i've been wedding planning, getting married, honeymooning, and bascially going nuts for a month was time to fish. I hit Ding Darling on Wed. @ 07:30, paddled out to McIntrye Creek and pulled a few little snook and between me a my buddy Ken we got around 3 dozen specs...little guys though. No reds in sight, we tossed gulp in new penny & nuclear chicken along with DOA Cal and 17MR' reds, i was off the water by 1pm.

I woke up on Thursday feeling bored and i didn't feel like doing anything i was supposed to get done that morning so i headed down to North Biscayne to see how the fish were biting. I tossed the big skitter walk for an hour with nothing but 3 Cuda's to show for it, i put on a little curly tail jig and caught a few little trout until 10am when it was just too hot to be out, went home, went to sleep and let the rain clean my kayak for me.

Not the best days of fishing but for someone who hasn't been able to really fish in a month it was bordering on orgasmic...i don't care how weird that sounds...tight lines.

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